About Me!

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Here I am trying something out after work besides watching more TV.

(BTW, I have another humorous blog I write less frequently [because frankly it takes more work] where I indiscriminately make fun of a bunch of dead people. I’d love for you to check it out @ greatlives.wordpress.com. Let me know how you like it.)

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20 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Hi Scotch, Thanks for introducing yourself. Your blog is witty and more than a little wicked. We look forward to exploring it further. We invite you to visit the RAXA Collective facebook page to log some more of that non-work-related computer time. Cheers!

    • I appreciate that. I like the “more than a little wicked” part. I can’t take all the credit. I’ve had plenty of inspiration over the years, as I hope (wickedly) many others have too. I am now following you and encourage others to check you out too.

    • It hasn’t been since 2000! I want to live in Spain and am just trying to figure out how to get there and be able to stay like you. Let’s keep in touch and let me know any tips you have. Now I have a good link to your blog, I’ll be stopping by. Thanks, Mike. (BTW: Nice Hemingway beard. Seriously, it’s cool.)

  2. Thank you so much, Swami (Swami, right?) for your kind, encouraging words. You’re doing a great job right now, from what I can tell on your very vibrant and inspiring blog so you keep it up too, and I encourage anybody reading this now to go check out your site. Keep in touch!

  3. Thanks, Don Charisma! Your support means a lot to me. I’m a big fan of what you do on your site and will stop by often to learn and be entertained. Yeah, that sick day thing, kind of a true story…maybe that’s why folks responded well to it. There’s a lot like that here. Be seeing you.

  4. Hello, Thanks for visiting Dad’s Political cartoon scrapbook. I wish that I would have found the scrapbook while dad was still alive so that I could have heard the story of the process of collecting them. I know that my dad would enjoy the fact that he has a blog sharing them and people from afar are enjoying them also 🙂
    I enjoy your work. Make sure to keep it and who knows maybe….73 years later someone will come across it as I did with dads. With respect, hope, joy and love, Carmela

    • I’ll be sure to stop back by, Carmela. Thanks for the compliment too. That’s an interesting thought, someone coming across these cartoons so many years from now . . . hopefully they’ll be asking themselves, “What were those nut jobs thinking? How did they make it through the day?!” Meaning, I hope that life is better then. Hope to catch you round a lot sooner than that, Carmela. Best.

  5. I enjoy your blog, Gustavo. ¡El gusto es mío! It gives me something to daydream about. It’s also nice to see someone from blogspot in the wordpress neck of the woods. Hasta pronto. Saludos, Scotch.

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