Email Etiquette

a workplace monster is climbing out of a computer screen onto the desk of the viewer. This monster is particularly menacing and says directly, in a cloud of smoke coming from the horn on its head,  "You might want to seriously reconsider hitting send on that email. You remember what happened last time, don't you?"

Email Etiquette

Workplace Monsters is moving over to soon. Look for it @ “”


2 thoughts on “Email Etiquette

  1. Ah, we’ve all been there!
    That cold feeling inside when you realise what you just sent/who you just sent it to (“reply to all”!) and you start wondering if there’s any way you can “suck it back” 🙂

  2. Fortunately Outlook does have the recall option . . . but that usually is pretty ineffectual for us hotheads who also happen to get overheated and cool down slowly. Oh well. Maybe they can develop an option just for us — call it “Burn after reading” — so we can delete disastrous emails from our enemies’ in-boxes even after they’ve read and forwarded it on to the super and a thousand cohorts. Ha! No time soon.

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